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16 Dec 2020 - 28 Feb 2021
2627 Sold 吃货老板娘 香辣卤鸡脚 LadyBossFoodie Teo Chew Braised Ready To Eat Chicken Feet
2366 Sold 吃货老板娘 卤猪肉 LadyBossFoodie Teo Chew Braised Ready To Eat Pork Meat
2356 Sold 吃货老板娘 古早味卤猪肠 LadyBossFoodie Teo Chew Braised Pork Intestine
1654 Sold 吃货老板娘 浓浓药材味的卤鸡翅 LadyBossFoodie Teo Chew Braised Chicken Wing
1225 Sold 吃货老板娘 纯手工制作 五香猪肉卷 LadyBossFoodie Penang Ngo Hiang Lobak
1031 Sold 吃货老板娘 古早味卤猪耳 LadyBossFoodie Teo Chew Braised Ready To Eat Pork Ear
679 Sold 吃货老板娘 卤鸭 LadyBossFoodie Teo Chew Braised Duck
371 Sold 吃货老板娘 卤猪手 LadyBossFoodie Braised Pork Knuckle
245 Sold 吃货老板娘 MIX包装 LadyBossFoodie Teo Chew Mix Package (Pork/Intestine/Ear)
235 Sold 吃货老板娘 客家猪脚醋 LadyBossFoodie Black Vinegar Pork Trotter
188 Sold 吃货老板娘 娘惹亚参酱 LadyBossFoodie Asam Nyonya Paste Sauce
144 Sold 吃货老板娘 咖喱酱 LadyBossFoodie Curry Paste Sauce
114 Sold 吃货老板娘 叁巴虾米辣 LadyBossFoodie Homemade Sambal Heabee Shrimp Chilli
75 Sold 吃货老板娘 黄金韭菜鲜虾卷 Salted Egg Prawn Chives Roll
60 Sold 吃货老板娘 八宝甘榜金鸡 Stuffed Chicken with Eight Treasures
46 Sold 吃货老板娘 福禄寿Roll - CNY Lobak & Prawn Roll Bundle
21 Sold 吃货老板娘 九九吉祥之卤味拼盘 CNY Lucky Nine Prosperity Bundle
RM 170.00
17 Sold 吃货老板娘 潮州卤全鸭 Teo Chew Braised Whole Duck
12 Sold 吃货老板娘 七星报喜 CNY Lucky Seven Bundle

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