Shipping & Delivery

Which countries do you ship to?

For the time being we are only able to ship out to West Malaysia and Singapore.

*For Singapore shipment, do take note that we require a min 4-7 working days to ship to you, it will be packed in foambox for delivery.

How do you pack your parcel?

We ship out our parcels with foambox & ice packs to ensure it is fresh upon arrival.

I placed my order, so what's next?

All orders will be processed in 3 working days (excluding weekend & public holiday).

You will receive a Whatsapp update from us once the parcel is picked by our cold chain partner, you will receive them on the very next day!

*Outskirt areas is subject to cold chain partner delivery schedule

Can I know which logistic provider is shipping my parcel?

We ship out all frozen food with cold chain logistic, rest assured that your parcel will arrive to you safely.

Can I request to ship at specific day or hour?

You can leave a comment at your order remark.

We can help to ship on specific days (i.e. order on Monday but request to ship on coming Friday), or require us to ship within your working hours (9am - 6pm) to an office location.

What we cannot commit is that the parcel to reach at specific hour i.e. receive by 12:15pm, as this is subjected to logistic partner's delivery schedule & road condition, but we will try our best to deliver within the hour range.

Please let us know in advance so we can make necessary arrangements.

My parcel is shipped, when will it arrive?

Your parcel will be delivered next day upon shipment*, from 9am - 6pm.

You may check with our CS at 0143533483 to check on arrival time.

*excluding outskirt areas which is subjected to delivery partner's schedule

Do you offer cash-on-delivery?

We don't offer COD service.

Why is your shipping fee so expensive?

We ship with cold chain logistic, unlike your regular courier, they ship interstate with cold truck to ensure the food is thermal regulated, so by the time it reaches your hand it's still fresh and free from contamination.

We offer shipping subsidy based on order value, so the more you buy, the more you save!

Cooking & Storage Instructions

What about the serving size?

You may refer to the first image of all product posting (bottom left or bottom right) for serving size.

We have also labelled the serving size and net weight under Product Info.

How long is the expiry date?

All our food are freshly made.

Frozen food in general have 12 months expiry.

Whereby dry goods have a 12-18 months expiry.

Please refer to product packaging for actual expiry date.

Do I need to defrost the food?

No. You can reheat directly in boiling water for 15 minutes.

Please refer to individual product page or packaging for more accurate instructions.

Do I keep the food in freezer?

All frozen food needs to be stored in freezer.

Dry goods & instant noodles can be kept in room temperature.

You may refer to product packaging for storage instructions.

How to reheat the food?

Just reheat the food in boiling water for 15 minutes and it is ready to serve.

Is it safe to put the whole package into boiling water?

We use SGS-verified food grade packaging to pack our food.

It has passed 11 chemical and heavy metal tests.

Rest assured that it is safe to reheat directly in boiling water.

Does it contain preservatives?


We use flash freeze technology to rapidly freeze our frozen food so it can maintain moisture, flavour, texture, lasting longer without the need of preservatives.

For dry goods, we use retort technology (121 °C) to sterilize the food so it can last up to 18 months without preservatives.

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